Wow you're still active here? ;3; I never see you post

F’course, my fabulous mate! Just bit busy, traveling an’ all, not to mention ever so absent minded an’ easily distracted an’ all sorts of…shiny bits an’ sweeties…

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We need to talk about the contents of the #fabulous tag

All inquiries, statements, claims, accusations, critiques, complaints, judgmental mouth noises, financial transactions, requests, ‘booty calls’, pleas, questions concerning legal citizenship and/or license and registration pleases, pizzas, fashion advice seekings, deliveries, tea invites, tea uninvites because ‘oh Doctor we really don’t fancy bears in this cafe could you kindly ask Jeremy to eat his beehive, which we know you suffered many an unfabu insectual bum piercing to obtain, elsewhere please’, parcels, interruptions, unwanted Christmas cards, spare kittens, asteroids, lacy stringy bits you lot insist are some form of ‘underwear’, written notes, compliments (unless they’re quite nice), candygrams, corn mazes, boot sales, and questions over one’s blogging habits must be formally submitted in writing on a lovely bit  f’proper parchment sealed with a waxy gob pressed into the shape of that wee chubbly puss Garfunkle.

Sorry, love~


can we all take a moment to remember that this happened?

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violasarecool started following you

Oo, new face, I do love a new face, and afabulousone at that~

And violas are so totally cool.

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This was my first day home. I was pooped after that long car ride.

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